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Second Stage Pressure Regulator

The second-stage pressure regulator, complying EN ISO 10524 standard is used for reducing and stabilizing the gas pressure in the medical gases pipeline system. The body is manufactured in aluminum and integrates shut-off valves with PTFE gaskets. The pressure reducer mechanism is connected to the regulator body in a way that allows manual instant interruption for instant- -taneous maintenance replacement or for using physical block, as required by ISO 7396-1, 8.3.5 B. The regulators are housed in painted steel cabinets having lockable doors and tempered glass windows for constant monitoring of the pressure gauges showing upstream and downstream pressure. Points of connection of the distribution line (in compliance with UNI 9507 or AFNOR NF S 90-116 or NIST standards) can be placed downstream and upstream every shut-off valve and can be used for maintenance or emergency operations. Both emergency connection sockets and pressure gauges can be replaced without stopping the gas flow, thanks to a one-way valves system. Moreover, the second stage pressure regulator is also designed to accommodate a pressure switch or a transducer transmitting minimum and maximum line pressure

Consists of

  • High/ low pressure gauges
  • Pressure adjusting screw
  • Inlet/outlet connection with welding nut
  • Emergency supply point ( Afnor NF S 90 -116 )
  • Interception valve.
  • 1/8 inch cap
  • Pressure switch ( optional)