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Ceiling Pendant

We are providing wide collection of quality ceiling pendants
for anesthetic, surgery and monitoring purpose in Operation
Theater and Intensive Care unit, I.e. Fixed pendants, fixed
retractable pendant, single Arm movable pendant, double
arm multi-movement pendant.

Our pendant is a condensed modular unit, which can be
supplied in different configurations to meet exact requirement
of hospital. These pendants consist of a ceiling support, upon
which a wide selection of arms can be mounted. It has the
greatest advantage to accommodate all Medical gas, Electrical
services, Data communication services and facilitating equipment
management. Incoming gas and electrical services are from ceiling
to reduce cable clutter and result in a safer and neater workplace
for the medical team. The movable arm system allows it to be positioned
at precisely where it is most convenient for the anesthetist. Double arm
alternatives offer flexibility to accommodate the need of the
operating teams for multiple vocation configurations