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Line Valves


Vacuum Control Unit




Vacuum control unit.


The Vacuum control units are points of interruption along the suction pipeline systems, where parts of the vacuum line can be stopped. Vacuum control units include a vacuum gauge (scale -1 ÷ 0 bar) constantly displaying the in-line vacuum level and a coupling for attaching a vacuum switch/transducer (both optional) for detecting vacuum losses or transmitting alarm signals (remote control).


Vacuum gauge connection: G 1/8” Vacuum gauge precision: 2.5%; 0 -1bar.

Medical Gas Line Valve



Shut-off valves for medical gas in special degreased versions for use with oxygen in compliance with ISO 15001 standard.


Ball valves with nickel-plated brass body, female-female, F.F. ISO 228 threading.
valves are supplied with 3-piece couplings with welding pipe for use in medical gas distribution systems. valves are degreased for use with oxygen, and can work in a temperature ranging from -10°C to +100°C. Nominal diameters are from 3/8” to 2”, with butterfly handle or lever control depending on the model or the customer request.