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Medical Vacuum Station

The Medical Vacuum Stations used in intensive care, Emergency, respiratory surgery and operating theatre Units.
Standards we provide are sized in a way that makes each Source able to provide total vacuum needs for hospital or Clinic.
Number of available medical vacuum sources is determined According to customers needs. Single, Duplex, Triplex medical Vacuum stations. Also Multiplex stations are available upon Request, up to eight sources may be installed.

Production / Vacuum Pumps

Each pump equipped works in alternation with the other(s) to provide required vacuum flow. They allow continuous operation wide range of vacuum pump flow. We provide wide range of Vacuum pumps starting from 40m3/hr up to 300m3/hr.

Air Tanks

All receivers are available complete, horizontal ( compact stations) or vertical ( modular or vertical stations) version. We provide wide range of Air tanks starting from 300 liter up to 2000 liter. Receivers 10 – 15 bar, optionally 15 – 22 bar.

Control and command / Control panels

Control panels allows to operate and control the operating status of medical Vacuum station. Automatic or Manual mode.

Purification / Bacterial Filtrations

The bacterial filtrations available as single or duplex unit , wall mounted or already integrated to the medical vacuum stations skid. Each filtration line equipped with drain jar, high efficiency bacterial filter and by bass device which allow to cut output during the maintenance operation.