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Flowmeters used to adjust and measure the flow of gas that is To be administrated to patients through the respiratory tract. It Should be connected to a source of pressured gas on the wall , Using a direct probe or rail mounting system. It must be fitted With a humidifier / nebulizer or an outlet tubing nipple. Combined With an oxygen mask or cannula.
We are apple to provide this device in accordance with specific Requirements: Standard, Flow rate, Oxygen or Medical Air.
It must be placed in vertical position. To use it, gradually turn on The knob and adjust the position of the floating ball accordance With the requested flow rate.



To humidify the Oxygen or Medical Air administered to the Patient though the respiratory tract. Screwed to the


outlet of the Flowmeter , then to Oxygen therapy mask or cannula.
250cc : autoclavable at 121° C
Unbreakable polycarbonate jar.